Top Useful Android Apps that you must try for one time

The phone to smartphone transition evoked the start of a new digital era increasing both the capability and usefulness of the slab in our pockets. Not convinced? Well here are a few apps that might just prove the extent of what a phone can do these days:

 Google Assistant

This is an obvious one and so the zero marking. If AI doesn’t make our lives easier I don’t know what does… From commands asking Google for the weather, facts, jokes to just set an alarm; it’s all voice controlled and fluid in this app.

The app is so standard it is a built-in app in almost all android boot ups. Technically the app merely is a way to access the already present assistant in android.


Top Useful Android Apps

Nova launcher

Tired of the graphics intensive or displeasing app icons and launcher companies add on their phones? Just want stock android to the brim?

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Nova launcher is your answer and then some more. With customizations ranging from the app drawer to the icons and notifications themselves, you can remove any skin over android you don’t like and replace it with the absurd or the classic, whatever makes you happy.

Top Useful Android Apps

Parallel Space

This app has become the go-to app for maintaining duplicate apps on the same phone.

When apps don’t allow multiple accounts to be linked, parallel space creates a separate area in the phone where the app installs again and permits another account to be linked.

Top Useful Android Apps


Evernote has become synonymous with the art of note-taking. Helps you organize your life, take notes, clip web articles and even scan documents and text and handwritten articles. One of the best features in the app is that whatever you store in Evernote is easily accessible from your phone, tab, laptop….you get it.

Top Useful Android Apps

CM App Lock (Fingerprint Lock)


Not everybody likes locking their phones but still have private data on their phones. That’s where this app helps.

You can lock specific or all apps with this AppLocker in either pin, pattern or even with a fingerprint lock as long as the sensor is readable.



Passwords are not only hard to remember but are also hard to fabricate. No more! The last pass both generates and remembers passwords for you.

It has an autofill feature for both passwords and annoying fill forms. The paid app has even more features than the free but still good version.

Smart Tools


On the topic of usefulness, smart tools is a pretty sophisticated one. It Has about 6 pro sets consisting a total of about 15 tools.

Calculating the level and even distance is possible with a slight compromise in accuracy.

The app requires no internet connection and uses the sensors available on the phone to determine data.



The use of Bluetooth for file sharing has become a thing of the past.

 This app uses Wi-Fi instead that creates more than 10 times the speed of a normal Bluetooth connection and much more secure too with the app’s encryption.

The app has cross-platform capabilities that bypass the connectivity issues of the past. It’s pretty easy to use after a hotspot connection has been established.

Unified Remote


Turning your phone into a remote for you pc has never been easier, use your phone as a mousepad, a keyboard or even playback and app shortcuts.

It supports almost all the OS out there with just a server program needed to be installed. The paid version even adds features for wear.

WPS Office


Sure, the Microsoft apps are pretty decent and the standard option out there.

WPS is the more cheap and customizable option out there though. With a built-in night mode and a reading capability of all the office formats out there, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Flynx Browser


This app is a revolution in the way you use the web. It opens links and loads pages in the background while you do other work saving a lot of both time and effort.

It has support from sharing to social media to even Evernote. With the help of the quick read mode, it acts as an ad blocker and only displays relevant information.

The browser displays information in a blog style format that is pleasing and easy to the eyes.


These are the some of the most useful android apps that you must use, tell us what your favorite one in the comment below is. And if we miss some other apps please mention them as well in the comment below.

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