How to Recover Files From Corrupted USB Drive

In this Article, we guide you through best ways to recover data from a Corrupt USB Drive. We Often share our documents through a few storage drives and USB, however because of a virus, it may cause data corruption, and they cease working when the drive is unmounted from the vent. And information in them may be inaccessible. We have a technique to recoup documents from this drive. You need to follow guide that is straightforward to recover your information from any disc that is corrupt. Read the Steps needed to Recover Files from Corrupted USB Drive.

Method#1: Recover Files From Corrupted USB Drive

You may try assigning a drive letter in case your computer fails to recognize your disk. This technique will work miracle, and you won’t require any third party application to recoup the documents. Here you’re able to assign a password that is new.


Step 1. You want to add your USB stick in your own pc and then right click on My Computer and then choose the option “Manage.”

Recover Files from Corrupted USB Drive

Step 2. You may see computer management panel out there you want to decide on the alternative “Disk Control.”

Recover Files from Corrupted USB Drive

Step 3. Then right-click on “Disk Management” and then Select the alternative ‘Change Drive Letters and Paths’

Recover Files from Corrupted USB Drive

That is, it!. Now reinsert your drive and then determine if it is recognized by your computer! Then proceed with the techniques when it failed to do so.


The way is quite simple and simple and is determined by a neat restoration CMD trick and onto a recovery program that will permit you to “recover files from corrupted USB drive” in which you’re not able to access data. Follow some basic steps below to move.


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Method#2 Recover Files From Corrupted USB Drive Using CMD


Step 1. First of all, add your drive in a pc and press on Windows button and kind cmd. Click on Command Prompt and choose Run as admin.

Recover Files from Corrupted USB Drive

Step 2. Currently their kind Chkdsk H: /f in which “H” is the drive letter and that could differ from your computer that you are able to check on Computer Keyboard.

Recover Files from Corrupted USB Drive

Step 3. Now folders and files confirming procedure will begin, and you’ll be able to observe the procedure in percents there. If you get the error that your driveway isn’t Windows XP drive, then enter Y there. You must see that on your command window when It’s done


Step 4. From the screenshot Mentioned Previously, my USB drive is working fine, also it has no corruption, even if in case your USB Drive was corrupt then you are going to find the retrieved information saved at the directory Lost. director on your USB drives.


If you find no items in your own USB drive, then simply kind “. ” (scatter without quotations) at a search box top right corner and then hit enter.

I think now you can easily understand that how to Recover Files from Corrupted USB Drive.


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