Is Google Pixel 2 still the best Camera Phone? : Samsung S9’s existence Raises the Ultimate Question

The world was at peace with google pixel 2 being the best camera phone but ever since the release of Samsung S9, we are in utter confusion. If we look at the statistics of online shopping in Pakistan, we will observe equal sales of both the phone. However, Samsung S9 has the benefit of being the flagship phone of world’s largest mobile brand. Where on the other hand Google pixel 2 has gained popularity for its incredible camera and other impressive features. In this article, you’ll Understand Is Google Pixel 2 still the best Camera Phone? : Samsung S9’s existence Raises the Ultimate Question “

Therefore, the final face-off is in regard to the camera. Which phone has the better camera? Read this detailed version to know.

How These Cameras Perform in Broad


Daylight photos are always tricky to click but are indeed the most beautiful ones. Therefore, it is really important to analyze how both the phones perform while clicking pictures in daylight.  Here, if you just compare these pictures clicked by Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google pixel 2, you will clearly see that Samsung S9 take brighter pictures. But here is the catch! Although at the first look, S9’s picture might look more attractive it is surely compromising the dynamic range and color contrast which is stronger in Google Pixel 2. However, Samsung one still looks better as the pictures are more detailed and there is less noise.

Google Pixel 2

Samsung S9 and Google Pixel 2;  Is There

a difference in Zooming?

It is said that using zoom instantly ruins the beauty of the image. So, is it the same for both of these much-wanted phones? In a general opinion, zooming option should be better in Samsung Galaxy S9 because secondary 2X lens gives it the physical advantage of delaying the point where it has to digitally crop on the sensor to “zoom” in. This can be one reason that S9 plus price in Pakistan is higher than Google pixel 2. But that is sad, not the actual fact. Samsun S9 does not use the 2X lens while zooming as most of the time, the light remains weak and it has to switch back to the normal camera just like Google Pixel 2.  Therefore, we observe a tie here as both the phones give equally considerate results in regards to the zoom.

Google Pixel 2


Performance Level in Low Key Photography?

Again Samsung’s S9 pictures are brighter even in the low key lighting but at the same time, the white balance, it seems is a bit disturbed. Where on the other hand Google pixel 2 captures exactly the right kind of color combination. However, brightness and softness in Galaxy S9 cover all the other defects. Now it is more up to you, whether you prefer the brightness of the sharper color tones in the picture while snapping shots in low light.


Google Pixel 2



Well, at the end of the day it all comes to the final result. Considering the above points, Google S9 indeed has a fantastic camera with excellent features to empower it but still, there is no spot where Google pixel 2 lags behind. It just works differently providing versatility. Google Pixel 2 price in Pakistan is more economic than Samsung Galaxy S9, it won’t be a bad deal to buy Google Pixel 2 to enjoy the perks of a great camera phone.

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