How mobile apps are helping retail stores to gain online customers?

While m-commerce has been growing strongly in recent years, physical stores continue to attract many consumers by offering more and more services. Mobile apps are also valuable tools for improving the in-store customer experience. In this article, you’ll Understand How mobile apps are helping retail stores to gain online customers?

What are the different technologies?

Mobile apps can use different technologies to interact with the customer in the shop or even before they decide to enter.

Shops can use many of these tools at a time depending on their goals.

We find in particular:

  • The ultrasound beacon
  • QR code
  • NFC for “Near Field Communication”, especially used for contactless payment
  • Image recognition
  • The WiFi terminal

Bluetooth and Beacons

Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of image recognition, for example, is that it is the customer who voluntarily chooses to use it. However, it is little used because it requires the creation, upstream, of a database of images.

Other technologies have constraints that limit their range of action. For example, customers must have Bluetooth enabled beforehand. In addition, they may be reluctant to share their geolocation or receive notifications.

Mobile apps can serve the in-store customer experience in many ways. We present you the main functions of mobile in store.

gain online customers

Gain Online Customers

1. Guide the customer journey

In large shopping centers, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Mobile apps can be useful to guide the consumer, whether through Beacons or ultrasonic beacons. The customer can thus geolocate and go to the store or even the radius of his choice. These technologies offer an alternative to the GPS system that is not precise enough in confined spaces. For retailers, this also makes it possible to analyze the customer journey and to improve, thanks to these data, the in-store experience.

2. Get the customer to shop

The mobile does not only guide the customer to the shop when he actively seeks. It can make him want to enter through push notifications. For example, when a person passes near a shop, it can send him a promotional offer or inform him that new products have arrived since his last visit. The possibilities are immense. Attention: always leave the choice to the visitor. Nobody likes to receive unwanted notifications!


3. Get additional information

Shops, unlike the web, cannot always display the exact composition of the product or its conditions of use. The mobile allows the user to obtain additional information about the product that interests him. For that, it is enough for him to scan a QR code. The store can then offer rich content such as a video or refer to customer reviews. In a context cross-channel, one can use this technology to offer the possibility to the visitor of the store to order online the article in question and thus, to have it delivered directly at home.

4. Facilitating payment

The m-payment is democratized thanks to the NFC technology. This helps to smooth the payment and, at the same time, reduce waiting in boxes. Mobile applications can also be used to set up a “Click and Collect” system. In other words, the customer can order on the application and come to withdraw his products in the store. This system is an important growth driver, especially for restaurants.

5. Interact with the customer

Mobile apps can also be useful to stores to improve their interactions with users. Some brands are taking advantage of new technologies such as virtual reality to create games. Other technologies such as the QR code can offer advice through chatbots or put the products in their context of actual use.

These services can improve the customer experience in store but be careful, for any mobile application project, it should be remembered that the UX is not limited simply to make beautiful interface drawings. This includes everything around, the overall experience of the service.

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