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How to Earn Money Online at Clixsense $5 per day

How to earn money online is the question, which is increasing day by day on internet. Everyone who is an internet user search that how to earn money online. Here we will discuss some method by which you can easily earn money. In this era, you can easily earn money online by article writing, YouTube channel, By PTC sites, blogging etc. Here we will discuss how you can earn money through PTC sites.

What is PTC Earn Money?

PTC (paid to click) is an online business through you can earn money at home. People advertise their content through PTC sites; they have to pay for it. Now PTC sites advertise their content and get money from them. When you sign up for some of a PTC sites then you have to click on these ads. By click on these ads, you will get some percent of the advertisement money in your account. Today we will discuss about Clixsense.

Apply For Clixsense, what is this and how you can earn money from it.

What is clixsense?

Clixsense is a PTC site, which is used for advertisement. Different customers and company contact here for their advertisement. This site show their ads on their site and user who view their ads can buy their things or can easily contact to the company. It is an electronic type of advertising your content on internet.

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Why clixsense pay you?

Clixsense get money from the advertiser and show their ads. Now if you are a user of clixsense than you watch their ads and you will get money by watching ads. Clixsense show ads of different types like mini 3sec, sticky 5sec, standard 30sec and extended 60 sec. Every ads have their own specific time and money. For example if mini ads pay you $0.001 than standard will pay you $0.1. Maximum you click on the ads maximum you will get the money.

Watch full youtube tutorial here:

How To Make $ 5 per day At ClixSense

ClixGrid, Surveys,Tasks and Refferal?

You can also get money by completing task, surveys and playing clixgrid games. You have different task to done and you will get money for it. Surveys are of diferent types for different countries. ClixGrid is te game in which you have click on a grid after clicking you have to see an ad and you can get a prize from it. You can also increase your balance by maikn reffral o your account. You will get 10% of your reffral balance.

From here you can apply for a clixsense account

Sign Up For Clixsense

How you will get money from Clixsense?

  1. Payoneer
  2. Payza

If you are in Pakistan and you want to earn money through clixsense, than you should use payoneer.

For payoneer SignUp click here.

Payoneer SignUp

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  1. Awesome article.By clixsense i have earned almost $10 per day.Thank you for your help.Keep it up.

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