Apple’s stepchild: Was the iPhone 8 doomed by its own company?

iPhone 8 arrives

The iPhone came out in 2007 and each new model was released annually up until the iPhone 7. iPhone 7 was followed up by more than one set in that single year. In 2017 the iPhone 8 and iPhone X were released by Apple. X, being Apple’s tenth-anniversary phone, was equipped with the more advanced specification, an innovative facial recognition feature and a distinctly impressive design.In this article, you’ll Understand Apple’s stepchild: Was the iPhone 8 doomed by its own company? This resulted in iPhone 8 being alienated. Has Apple betrayed the iPhone 8? 


iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7

You know the situation for the iPhone 8 is bad when you are comparing it with its ancestor!

If you were looking for iPhone 8 price in Pakistan, chances are that you compared it distinctively with both iPhone 7 and X. Unfortunately, 8 seems to be lost and crushed by the pressure between them. iPhone 7 is a work of art! One of the best smartphones ever created! From its camera to the powerful processor, it’s hard to beat a phone like that. However, Apple has often been criticized for not being innovative enough with their new releases, with comparisons being drawn between each new release.

This was never more apparent than with the iPhone 8. Many people weren’t convinced of the 8’s ‘freshness’. The features, to be honest, were not much different. Minimal differences at best that were, for many critics and fans alike, totally not worth it in terms of price. So, why would a sensible buyer get the iPhone 8 when they can pretty much get the same thing for a considerably lower price! Don’t get me wrong, no iPhone is cheap, but iPhone 7 plus price in Pakistan will leave your wallet just a tad bit heavier compared to an iPhone 8 purchase.

Apple’s stepchild

Apple’s stepchild

iPhone 8 vs iPhone X

If the monetary cost of switching to an iPhone 8 from the iPhone 7 was too much. The case definitely does not exist with the much more expensive iPhone X. The iPhone X is celebrated as Apple’s culmination of work since the past decade. A decade of revolutionizing the smartphone industry with amazing mobile sets.

 Apple’s marketing definitely favored the X and considering the fact that 10 is simply a move upwards from 8. It felt like a bigger deal and a more advanced phone! Why would someone choose an inferior product, it’s not like the iPhone 8 came at a cheap price either? Yes, iPhone X is shockingly expensive for some but the X has been branded well enough to make it transcend monetary limitations. Equipped with Anemoi’s, a phenomenal camera and an aesthetic glass design. iPhone X felt like the beautiful. Most successful sibling of the iPhone 8.

Apple’s stepchild

All Apple phone comes with their amazing pros and some troublesome cons. As far as online shopping in Karachi and the rest of Pakistan is concerned, especially for Apple, iPhone X has all the hype in the world! It seems like Apple had set the iPhone 8 to a treacherous path right from the start! Did the iPhone 8 deserve better? 

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