Apple iPhone X Face ID software ‘cracked’ By Hackers

Previously, the iPhone X found itself embroiled in a Face ID controversy when Bloomberg reported that Apple was reducing the accuracy of the Apple Face ID recognition software to increase the supply of iPhone X devices.

Apple’s new iPhone X seems to run into trouble every week.

Apple Face ID

Apple immediately rejected the report claiming “The quality and accuracy of Apple Face ID haven’t changed. It continues to be 1 in a million probability of a random person unlocking your iPhone with Apple Face ID,”.

“Potential targets shall not be regular users, but billionaires, leaders of major corporations, nation leaders. Agents like FBI need to understand the Face ID’s issue,” the Bkav researchers claimed.

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More worryingly for Apple, the firm claimed that unlocking the iPhone was easier than they had envisaged.

“We just need a half face to create the mask. It was even simpler than we ourselves had thought.”

Seems like its been a bad few days for Apple as users some iPhone X users started reporting problems with the display with a green line appearing on the edge of the screen.

Others took to Twitter claiming how some devices have a weird crackling and buzzing noise coming through the earpiece speakers.

Apple Face ID Apple Face ID Apple Face ID Apple Face ID


Apple Face ID ‘Fooled’ By $150 Mask

Researchers in Vietnam claim to have bypassed Apples Face ID facial recognition technology with a mask that cost less than $150 to make. But many questions remain about just how they achieved their hack. Indeed, there are a number of gaps in the Vietnamese hackers’ disclosure that leave room for doubt about the applicability of their attack in the real world.

On the face of it, the attack appears legitimate, a creepy-looking mask unlocking an iPhone X, released just over a week ago. The researchers, from cyber security company Bkav, created their mask by 3D printing a mould and attaching some 2D images of the enrolled user’s face. They then added some “some special processing on the cheeks and around the face, where there are large skin areas, to fool [the] AI of Apple Face ID.”

“We just need a half face to create the mask. It was even simpler than we ourselves had thought.”

“Apple Face ID Hacks”

“It’s difficult to say if there is some trickery here,” said professor Alan Woodward. From the University of Surrey’s department of computing. “Nothing in what they say suggests there is. And I must confess that I’d be cautious about Apple Face ID as the sole means of authentication. I think bio metrics is still a technology yet to prove itself.

For now, iPhone X owners needn’t panic about imminent attacks just yet. For starters, a malicious hacker would need to do a full scan of a target’s face. Furthermore, they’d need physical access to the device. Apple Face ID isn’t perfect, but it’s yet to be definitively proven broken as a security technology.

These problems affect a small portion of the buyers so you shouldn’t worry yet. But if other security researchers can find ways to crack the Apple Face ID software. We may have a problem on our hands.

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