What are Apple AirPods and Why are they Important

What are Apple air pods?

Apple Air Pods are the latest technology which is introduced with iPhone, Basically, air pods are Bluetooth earphones used with iPhone 7 because there is no headphone jack produced with iPhone. Apple Amazing Facts

Apple Air Pods connected to the phone using Bluetooth, and it costs almost $159. iPhone is the bestselling smartphone and headphone jack ever produced.

Beginning of Apple Air Pods

During introducing iPhone in the market,  AirPods also introduced the latest technology to their audio platform. Apple Air Pods As Bluetooth use with the smartphone during a call or listening to music. Apple Air Pods introduced in September 2016 after introducing iPhone.

Now we discuss the technology behind the air pods. Air Pods connect automatically with all your Apple devices. They simultaneously connected to your iPhone and Apple Watch, and sound switches instantly between the devices. If you want to listen to something on Mac or iPhone then you should use Air Pods on these devices.


The technology behind Apple Air Pods?

Apple Air Pods drive by the custom-designed Apple W1 chip. It produced an efficient wireless connection between devices and it improves sound quality. The w1 chip also improves battery life of Air Pods.

With just a watch and a single air Pod, you can walk around your house having a telephone conversation. Apple Air Pods Alternatively, tap your ear to issue a command to your heating controller. I like this direction. It is going to be fun to see what happens next.

Apple Air Pods

Battery Life

On a Single Charge

Listening time 5 hours

By multiple additional charges, it increases up to 24 hours

Quick charge of 15 minutes gives you 3 hours of listening time

For check, the battery, hold the Air Pods next to your phone

Why are they Important?

As we already discuss that Air Pods use along with the iPhone and we know that iPhone has no analog headphone jack in it. Therefore, it is necessary for users to use these air pods. Air pods have good battery life and superior sound.

Air pods have rich, high-quality audio and remove background noise when you make calls. As air pods using w1 technology, w1 is an Apple technology, if you want the best audio experience than you should also use this in your all Apple devices,

That is the reason that iPhone replace windows laptop with a Mac Book or other Android Phones with their iPad.

Benefits of using Apple Air Pods

They are small and have earbuds themselves, no physical connection between both (air pods).They use Apple chip, which automatically pairs with your iPhone, and provides a stable high-quality connection. They are cheaper than other comparable Bluetooth earbuds

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