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We miss our families, we miss our friends, and we miss McDonald’s.

The chain was forced to close its doors as part of the nationwide coronavirus lockdown and it didn’t take long for fast food fans to express how much their hearts were hurting after being torn apart from their one true love.

McDonald’s has already kindly shared a recipe card for its iconic sausage and egg McMuffin so we can cook up the breakfast favourite a home.

And now it’s released the template for a Happy Meal box so little ones (and not so little ones) can have a more authentic McDonald’s experience.

It can be difficult to explain what’s going on to younger children, and why we have to say no to their requests for their favourite foods.

We can try our best at recreating burgers, chicken nuggets, and chips, but the Happy Meal box is a huge part of the excitement – so McDonald’s has given us a helping hand.

It has uploaded the template which can be easily printed out and constructed at home, but it may need the help of an adult to cut out all the tricky bits.

Then all that’s left to do is to cook up your children’s favourite meals and serve it up in the box they know and love to bring a smile to their faces.

You might even want to drop in a small toy too because we all know that was the best part.

It’s available on the Family Fun Hub, which also has plenty of activities for kids to get stuck into and keep them busy.

It includes interactive games, activities, free eBooks and physical challenges.