What is VoLTE? Is it Possible to Change LTE to VoLTE?

” VoLTE is the latest technology of network bands which allows getting a high-speed internet connection on the go. it is the latest technology as Japan is testing for 5G Technology Now. VoLTE stands for Voice Over Long Term Evolution which is the extracted part of LTE and has much more better network Quality as well as it has a High-Speed internet band. After Launching Reliance JIO it makes a lot of Gossips and hype on market of  Indian Tele-Communication Company.In this article, you’ll Understand What is VoLTE and How to Enable VoLTE in All 4G LTE Smartphone “

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE is a Technology which allows you to make a call to LTE Network. VoLTE Stands for Voice Over LTE.

So 4G is the latest network technology of Network band which was founded in 2008. When it was launched it only uses for High-Speed internet connection.

But VoLTE is totally different from this As in VoLTE we can make calls using our Data.

For making a call on 2G or 3G network both of the devices have to make a cellular circuit and till the circuit completes the call continues and after breaking the circuit it hangs up.

Instead of it in VoLTE network we can make a call using our LTE data or in other words as we use data for browsing the internet on 3G or 2G Network, in VoLTE we can make a call with data.


What is VoLTE

What is VoLTE?

How VoLTE works

Similar to Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, VoLTE chops up voice calls into small packets and then routes them over the Internet like any other data unit, such as an email or text message. VoLTE is far more efficient and cost-effective than circuit-switched voice networks because it enables service providers to manage one data network rather than separate ones for voice and data. T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless have already begun offering VoLTE service nationwide and AT&T is introducing it in select markets. Sprint has plans for VoLTE too, but as of May 2015, it hasn’t announced a timetable for implementation.

Features of VoLTE

For Making calls and Using DATA we do not have to change Network Bands.

4G VoLTE Provides high-speed internet for Browsing and Downloading.

It Offers HD Voice and Video Calling and also HD TV Broadcasting and many other features.

What is VoLTE? Is it Possible to Change LTE to VoLTE?

Well, Guys Changing a smartphone from LTE to VoLTE Depends on the handset you Use. It’s almost impossible to change all LTE Smartphone to VoLTE but some of these smartphones can change from LTE to VoLTE. Below I have explained in Detail which may surely help you to Understand.

The Handset You Use –

Well there are two types of LTE Handsets are Available;

Type 1. Those Which are capable of using Both Data and Voice Both over the LTE Network and

Type 2. Those Which uses LTE for Only using data, and for the voice communication use 2G or 3G.

In technical way Type, 1 Handsets are implemented with GSMA IR.92 and IR.94 The standard which shows that these handsets will support VoLTE.

Type 2 Handsets preferred “DATA Only” LTE smartphone. Those phones are only capable of using LTE data for Browsing internet. But some of the Handsets can support VoLTE by making some firmware changes in it but not all of the handsets.


So, Guys, it’s not possible to say that you can change all 4G LTE smartphone with VoLTE but there are some firmware changes may help you but they can make damage as well on your smartphone. I think you will understand now “What is VoLTE” and all its features. Here are some more about What is VoLTE, its benefits and limitations.

The key benefits of VoLTE

Much improved call-quality

VoLTE offers superior call quality to 2G and 3G calls, that’s because much more data can be transferred over 4G (three times more than 3G and six times more than 2G), allowing for considerably improved the clarity of tone and voice, making for an altogether richer calling experience.

Improved coverage and connectivity

VoLTE can connect calls up to twice as fast as current 2G and 3G methods allow. It also means that by using 4G LTE services, less spectrum required to maintain 2G services and network operators are able to repurpose that for further capacity on 4G networks.

Better battery life

A mobile phone without VoLTE needs to switch from 4G back to 3G or 2G before it makes a call, then once the call finished it has to re-establish a connection to the 4G network. That switching, together with the time spent searching for new signals uses a significant amount of power.

Because VoLTE uses a constant 4G service, this greatly improves device battery life.

Limitations of VoLTE

Both devices require VoLTE for some implementations

Initially at least, for some applications of VoLTE, both the connecting devices will require VoLTE compatibility for one or the other to benefit from it.This is a big problem as consumers will restrict by the speed in which the platform adopted by other network users.

Network interoperability

Full network interoperability may take some time, so it will only be possible for some people to contact those who are also on the same network with VoLTE.


As much of VoLTE services tie in with data use, unlike traditional services that charge customers based on minutes and text allocation, you may need to have larger amounts of data available, which could be expensive


So Guys This was my Post On ” What is VoLTE? Can we change all LTE Smartphone to VoLTE ? “. Hope you Guys Like my Post. If you plz make sure to share it with your Friends so they can read it as well.

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