What is Psiphon Handler? Know more about Psiphon Handler

If you also wish to access the internet even if you are in a no coverage area or have no source of internet connection anywhere near you, Psiphon will prove to be very helpful in such a situation. You can access the internet with the help of Psiphon VPN application known as the psiphon handler. You will get a proxy setting which you can use on each and every carrier irrespective of the ISP. In this article, you’ll Understand What is Psiphon Handler? and How to download and install it.


What is Psiphon Handler?

Psiphon handler is a type of navigation tool whose sole aim is to circumvent the censorship or the restrictions imposed by some countries in the world on the display of specific internet websites or content in general that is opening the freedom of expression right again for the people of such countries.

Once you download and open the application ‘Psiphon 3’ on your Android device (with the help of the link provided below) you will gain access to all the websites (literally all) in the world without the issue if seeing ‘restricted’ or ‘the content in blocked for in your country’. Even the people in censored content countries can use this application to enjoy the full potential of the internet.

NOTE: – You will most probably not find this application on the Google Play store, this is the reason that we have provided an Apk link below to help you out. (This site is completely safe and will not harm your device, although we do not take any guarantees or responsibilities)

The only thought that comes to mind is that such an amazing application mist come with a price. But no. The application is completely free of cost, you can download and use it without even paying a single penny.

Know more about what is Psiphon handler?

This application is very popular and is already being used by millions of users all over the globe who are sick and tired of viewing the restricted message online whenever they try to open a particular website or content. With the help of Psiphon, you can access all websites, even the ones which are censors or restrict in your country or state. You can also use this tool to add an` additional layer of security to your internet browsing.

Legality: –

Coming to the legal part, the legality of the platform is still a debatable subject in many such countries. The company claims that it is completely untraceable and the user cannot be traced in any case, although the provider can keep a track of the activities and the websites that you visit.

In simple words, the company claims that you ISP provider will be in no way able to track the path of this application and you can be completely free to use all the websites including the restricted ones.


What is Psiphon Handler?

 What is Psiphon Handler?


How to successfully install and use the app: –

Below listed are some steps starting from number 1 which have to be performed in the same order to get the application installed and running.

NOTE: – Due to different systems and settings in different mobile systems, these steps may not be useful for every mobile device but most of them will be successful. So, if you find it non-functional for your device, you can google more methods to get it working.

You would need a 3G or a 4G connection to get this installed, Wi-Fi is even better.

Steps: –

1. Download the application with the help of the link provided above.

2. Install the Apk and open it.

3. Copy and paste one of the hosts under the ‘proxy server’ tab according to your service provider.

4. Then press ‘Start’.

5. Once the application starts, select ‘Tunnel whole device’.

6. You need to click on ‘I trust this application’ and then click ‘Ok’.

7. The application will then automatically connect to the server.

And that is it. After the connection, you can use the application freely and enjoy the restricted sites too.

If you have any doubts or suggestions or are facing a problem feel free to connect with us by simply commenting your issue in the comment section below and our team will be more than happy to help you out.

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