Why You Should Switch to G-Suite

Why we Should Switch to G Suite? is a common question nowadays. Suppose you are running a business whether it’s online shopping website or any other business, your employees might be using their personal emails for business purposes, well you seems to be okay with that but just think for a moment if any other company approaches you through an employee’s personal email, will you trust that company? Will you carry a business transaction or buy from them as a customer?

Using personal emails for business purposes seems unprofessional and hurts the credibility of the company.
Let’s say you have a domain with your business name abc.com, how great would it be if you also had the same email address as support@abc.com. Well, Google G-suite is the answer to that.

Google G Suite comes with a variety of benefits and one of them is getting a company’s domain email which looks professional and customers are likely to trust those companies.

There are different pricing plan for G Suite starting from $5, with this amount you have access to different services of Google with a greater storage. These services include business versions of Google Calendar, Gmail, Google, Forms, Google Sheets, Google Docs and many more.

Switch to G Suite

These are some of the additional benefits of switching to G Suite:

Why You Should Switch to G-Suite


Your Company Own The Emails

Your company will own the emails of employees, what’s the benefit?
Well, if an employee is using his/her personal email and leaves the company that means he/she is taking the clients with them because they use to contact them through their personal email. If you have G Suite you can change or delete their email address once they leave the company. You can also access email history of that employee. Maybe it’s unethical but you should mention it in the company’s policy.


Your Company Owns The Files

While using G suite any document created on Google Docs, Sheets or Slide by employees are under company’s ownership. The company can access the documents even the employee quits the company. G Suite also offers cloud backup via Google Drive. So you instruct your employees to create a backup of their work files. You don’t want to contact an employee for files who has left the company, so be a smart switch to G suite to avoid these awkward situations.


Multiple Aliases for Email

G suite can be pivotal for your business, it provides multiple aliases for one employee. If you are considering to reposition your business and making some major changes like changing your company’s name, G Suite can be handy at that times, you can use your previous email and generate new ones as well – you will receive the emails of both in one inbox. Isn’t that amazing? You won’t lose a single customer or you won’t have to manage two emails at a time.

Integrating CRM

At some point when your business is expanding you might want to think about integration and go for a CRM system to track various components, G Suite can be synced with various services so it’s a hassle-free thing to do, don’t worry about it.


Single Sign-in for Applications


It’s so frustrating to sign in for every application with different passwords, G Suite helps you set up credentials to cloud which acts as a passwords wallet for applications like Marketo, DocuSign, Slack, and Salesforce. This is quite a time saving and helpful.


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