How to use one Whats App account in two Smartphones

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and commonly used Instant messaging apps these days and due to its simplicity and Easy to Use interface, users are able to use it without any hassle. Everyone has smartphones and they want to use one WhatsApp account on two mobile phones.


By now, every one of us has WhatsApp in our smartphones. Although each and everything is quite handy in WhatsApp, “What’s the most disturbing part that you came across?” 


For me it is:


How to use one WhatsApp account on two mobile phones?


Today I am sharing Procedure for the best way to utilize 1 WhatsApp accounts in two Smart Phones. I got a lot of Requests that they need to use 1 Whatsapp Account in two Android Phones, so this particular method is being shared by me. Because I totally invent this way you won’t receive this method on any website.

I had Searched a good deal on Google, which there have to be any means for the way to utilize WhatsApp on 2 devices with the identical amount, but I did not Discover any Helpful Guide. Here, I’ll share for utilizing 1 Whatsapp account a Strategy, which you may check. Check out this Guide from under & it Tries out.


Working Online Connection.


Characteristics of The Guide


Working Awesomely, no problems Whatsoever.


Could Send Messages from The Android Phones.

one WhatsApp account on two mobile phones


We’re currently likely to discuss the way for Applying one WhatsApp account on two mobile phones, below which you may use. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step tutorial from beneath.

WhatsApp Group Link

One WhatsApp on two Mobile Phones

Method 1:

1: Download Double Accounts program from Play Store — Download

2: Now Open WhatsApp from the one mobile cellphone, which accounts you would like to use on 2 Telephones.

3: Click menu, then click on WhatsApp Internet option.

4: Now Open WhatsApp program on your Second Android cellphone, you may notice QR code from the program.

5: Scan this QR code from 2nd Phone, and enjoy WhatsApp on another phone.

That is it, your WhatsApp accounts will be log in successfully in your 2nd mobile phone.

Now you can easily use one WhatsApp account on two mobile phones”.


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