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Microsoft word

Microsoft word is a word processor, which is developed by Microsoft. It is an essential tool in today’s age.Microsoft Word 2016 Tutorials Whether you are a professional or a student, you should have complete skills on MS word. It is useful for both business requirements and daily purposes. Here we discuss some facts that why you should use MS Word. It is flexible and easy to use for everyone.

It has some awesome features through which you can style your document. You can use smart art in your document; make cover pages for your book or thesis work. It has awesome Spell Check feature, which allow you correct your mistakes. You can also use search and replace feature of MS Word. Which allow you to search in the whole document and you can easily replace that word by any word.Microsoft Word 2016 Tutorials You can also add header/footer in your document, which give an awesome look to your document.

Watermark is also used with the document; it is a word, which display as a background word in your document pages. It is used so that no one can copy your document data. As you can use do not copy as your watermark in your document. You can make your document interactive by adding awesome pictures, smart arts, shapes etc.

Course content

  1. Fonts, Paragraph, Styles, Editing
  2. 2.Insert table, shapes, hyperlink, bookmark, equations
  3. 3.Make interactive layout of your document
  4. Add References/Bibliography in your document
  5. Make envelopes in word 2016, Mail Merge

These all contents are completed in 7 videos course.Microsoft Word 2016 Tutorials This course is free for all. It is just for your help, by downloading completing course from link and practicing it you will become a professional editor in MS Word. So keep supporting us so that we make different courses for you gays and these courses are completely free. So download our course and subscribe to our channel and blog.

Microsoft Word 2016 Tutorials

You can download our all videos by follow these links.

  1. Introduction, Styles, Save
  2. Edit,Fonts,Paragraph
  3. Styles,Spell Checker etc
  4. Insert Table, Pictures etc
  5. Add hyperlink/bookmark etc
  6. Change Layout, add references
  7. Mail Merge, Envelopes etc

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MS Word 2016 Tutorials


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