Has The Home Improvement Industry Changed Because Of Technology?

There is one factor which distinguishes humans from other living beings. The striving for excellence. No pages in history have recorded the day, weapons were shaped from raw materials to hunt other animals for food. No history epic has given an account of the day, the fire was invented to cook food. But yes, it is somewhere thousands of years past the Indus valley civilization that the wheel was invented. In this article, you’ll Understand Has The Home Improvement Industry Changed Because Of Technology? “

How else could you explain the invention of computers, mobiles, apps and electronic appliances in your life? Right from the automobile you drive to reading this article on the internet via your laptop or mobile, it is technology that has taken over your life. In fact, unlike the good olden days, technology has made you get adapted to its fast pace.

By the end of this year (2018), an estimate points to nearly 180 million smart home appliances flooding the market. And as per industry experts, the smart home products will grow exponentially by more than fifty percent. The main reason for this turnaround is the Internet of Things – that aims to bring connect to not only mobiles/phones but to all the devices.

One of the important basic tenets of your life – shelter. And now technology apart from creating the new electronic appliances and gadgets is set to invade your home. In fact, your home is likely to experience a major change in the future. And the developments will be in the range of “smart” home appliances. It does not matter whether you live in a home or apartment or mansion. The new technology will join devices, smartphones and other technological wonders in the future. Home Improvement Industry has changed the latest technology.

But do you think with the rising prices in the economy all over the world, everyone will need a smart home. Yes. Because the millennial population is outgrowing the generation of the 1980s and 1970s. The smart home also offers numerous advantages over the old traditional home. Advantages are making the owners and dwellers get full control of the home, more security, enhance extra luxuries and comfort and the most important aspect, design the home as well the home interiors to be an eco-friendly place. One best example is that your ancestors did the household work manually. Now you have devices that can do the same work. So you have the dishwasher for cleaning the dishes, washing machine for laundry, microwave oven for heating the food, and vacuum cleaner for tidying the home.

In fact, technology has made a giant leap when it moved from the apps in a mobile to become apps of the electronic appliances. Now you have a washing machine for a brand and its app. Through the app, you can switch on and off the device, get alerts when the cleaning process is over and many more. This article tells you the relationship between Home Improvement Industry and Technology.

Another reason for the technology to be adopted by the present generation is that home improvement has become a mandatory the necessity to match the changes in the environment, cultural changes, and lifestyle.

In all, the recent spurt in technology reduces your footprint on this earth and makes use of materials that are more eco-friendly than before. How else could you explain the changes of photovoltaic cells embedded in windows for harnessing solar energy?

Let us now focus on Internet of Things and the home appliances. You get a whole range of products that can optimize, control and automate various functions in the home such as safety, entertainment, lighting, temperature, and security.

In fact, domestic kitchens have changed to become a place for expensive electronic appliances with features that can save time. With smart system devices, you can not only control the cooking activities but can also communicate on the internet.

Home Improvement Industry

1. Digital Presence And Transactions

It does not matter that Bitcoin has vanished in the deep blue maroon, but it is a fact that online transactions are overstepping cash payments. Previously, when your grandfather wanted to build a house he has to depend on referrals. But when your father wanted the same, he had to check on established listing websites. Now you have another choice. You can download the apps of home maintenance companies, search for the best mason as per your budget and book the civil engineer. You can even ask the meeting to be scheduled as per your own convenience.

If you want to build a house, there are free online tools on the internet to get the measurement right, calculate the need for relevant materials and check out the perfect color etc.

Home Improvement Industry

2. New Light Option

Even the lighting pattern has changed in corporations and big companies. Now LED lights have taken over the globe, outperforming incandescent fittings and fluorescent lights. New lights are easily fitted in the interior space. Now, in developed countries, there is no need to switch on and off the lights. There are motion sensors, automation features and programmable patterns around the room.They automatically get activated when an individual enters the room and you do not have to have the lights turned on all the day.

Home Improvement Industry

3. Small Homes

The new devices have made the home safer, smarter. But yes, there is a myth around technological improvement in some countries. The first aspect those people think about when they hear about technology change is an industrial improvement, interstellar travels, and the old Star Trek serial.

The global population is on the increase, and it is not only home appliance manufacturing industries but also big civil engineering companies that have borne the brunt. So, instead of constructing a big home only for the rich, the civil engineering companies have turned their attention on the millennial generation. Small homes have just changed the Home Improvement Industry. This generation has a cushy job, wants to get married at 26, and dreams of a home (one BHK). And civil engineering companies are designing the new home with respect to the recent requirement. Just imagine the television models before two decades (CRT). They were huge sets. But in recent times, you get flat screen television models settled in the large surface of the wall.

Home Improvement Industry

4. Augmented Reality

In the future, Augmented reality will be a popular e-tool. Let us imagine, you have gone to a furniture store and selected a chair for your living room. But after bringing the chair to your home, you find that it does not fit the space. With augmented reality, you can point the camera towards the location and determine the space. However, this technology is yet to be accepted in many households.

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Home Improvement Industry

5. Appliances

Now shall we look at the home appliances which has become smart and how you can use them?

In the future, you will have only green households with appliances which can save power. These are some appliances in Home Improvement Industry.

Home Improvement Industry

Home Improvement Industry

A. Smart Washing Machine

We have the smart washing machine by which the cleaning of clothes can be made easier. Agreed, it is a chore that is necessary on the weekends for an urban family hold. The main reason why every nuclear family has a washing machine ready. And yes, this appliance has its own challenge such as processor cycles for various clothes, the variability of water temperature and dryers.

As a resident in recent technology, you should always be extra cautious about the washing machine. There are many who have made waste their clothing after a wash. Their favorite dress has shrunk, and a white T-shirt has become muddy of other colors. The smart washing machine is a great invention in Home Improvement Industry. To stop these kinds of accidents, some companies have manufactured the smart washing machines.

These devices are now designed according to the recent mobile technologies. They can notify you of the cloth material, the washes a specific cloth has undergone, and the best method to clean them. You can get alerts about the completion of the wash.

Home Improvement Industry

Advantages of having a smart washing machine –

You can load the clothes into the machine and concentrate on other chores or take rest. When the process is completed, you get a message on the screen of your mobile or on the device stating the cycle is complete.

The alerts work in your favor. Because as a housewife, you have many errands to do and may forget the job. After receiving the SMS you can take out the clothes instead of allowing them to suffer wrinkles. Even if you are not in the home, you can tell the maid to remove the clothes by making a call.

Let us imagine, you are working from home on the company laptop. You get the message stating that the clothes have completed their process cycle of wash. In a similar situation, you can set on the dryer by a single click. You do not have to get up from the desk to do the job. So it is better to buy a smart washing machine instead of the traditional model.


B. Microwave


Yes, after a hard day from work, you find it difficult to place the pre-cooked food on a stove for heating. You and your husband have just returned from the job. After a hard day’s work, you are a drain on energy, and once again the heating job becomes a challenge. The best option is the microwave oven. Yes, you can get one according to the budget as it comes in various forms and with different features.

There are ovens where you can cook or heat two dishes at the same time. The convection microwave oven makes use of the fan for circulating the hot air and also uses radio frequency for purposes such as cooking, heating and baking the food. The microwave is used in Home Improvement Industry for heating and baing the food. You can also carry out the following functions such as roasting, baking and other works such as broil, defrost, and make the food crisp.

Home Improvement Industry

C. Air conditioner

Hot summer has come, and in some developed countries, unless they have an air cooler or an air conditioner, their life during the morning to dusk becomes difficult. Even the air conditioners have become Wi-Fi, and let us look at the advantages.

You can easily make adjustments to the speed of the fan while standing near the door of your home. Has the weather changed? Has the sun come? Then you can change the temperature or switch off the AC.

You can also create a schedule by making use of the app. You can select the switch on and off times, fan speed as well as temperature. Take a look at the weather report for the week. The air conditioner is also a useful thing for Home Improvement Industry.

It is not every time, the weatherman forecast the conditions right. There are times when the rain did not come and the day ended up being a scorcher. In similar situations, you can program the AC as per the weather patterns.

Home Improvement Industry

D. Dishwasher

Similar to the other appliances, you can also monitor the dishwasher via the app. Shall we look at some of the functions?

  • Monitor the status and dishwasher cycles
  • Receive notifications when the process completed
  • You can lock as well unlock the controlling tabs
  • Get information on if the rinsing powder is low
  • Maintain a track of usage in detergent pods
  • Mute or raise the sound of tones or chimes
  • Get instant alert in times of a leak


When have we given the best information on leading electronic appliances how can we forget about television? Now, are they really smart? Let us find the answers to some of the commonly asked questions about Smart television models.

Home Improvement Industry

E. Smart Television Sets

In fact, the smart television sets can connect to the internet and you can access internet music stations and other web browsers. In recent times, the smart tv apps have voice recognition features such as Alexa used for switching channels and programs.

Home Improvement Industry


The main focus of any technological innovation should be to make the lives of the public easier. It is this penchant for excellence that drives every brand in any consumer industry to keep designing the best. Now shall we take the example of a case study? Let us imagine you have a home improvement service in two cities, Pune and Hyderabad. You provide qualified handyman professionals for

AC service in Hyderabad

Refrigerator service in Bangalore


As a businessman, you have to adapt to the new technology of the electronic appliances serviced by your company. In other words, the smart air conditioners and fridges have come. You have to know about the features and the challenges the appliance can face in the future. You also have to update your technicians regarding the changes. Then only your company can sustain in the stiff competition.

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