Stand And Whisper

Delivering the Best News to you!

When shopping online, many companies give the option of leaving delivery tips for the driver to make sure you get that precious parcel straight away.

As well as making the driver’s life much easier, it cuts down the risk of missing that knock on the door and having to trek down to the Post Office to pick it up.

What’s not to love? Well, let’s ask Rosa Falcini…

She ordered a new set of wireless headphones and filled out what she thought was the delivery notes section of the online form.

She wrote: “Leave in back garden if I am not here”.

But it turns out she had made a rather embarrassing mistake…

Turns out the box she filled in was actually for a personalised message on the headphone charging case.

She took to Twitter to share the funny moment, writing: “I thought the personalised message was for the driver not the pods oops.”

In the attached picture, you see the headphone case which says: “Leave in back garden if I am not here”.

A few of Rosa’s followers were quick to say the writing was fake, with one saying: “It’s not aligned correctly, looks photoshopped tbh.”

With which Rosa replied: “It’s not photo shopped I’m genuinely just dumb” alongside another photo of the case in a different angle.

And another said: “I don’t believe you did that by accident…. The personalisation is on the product page and message for drivers is on the delivery page.”

And again, Rosa set the record straight, saying: “It was off wowcher and it’s on the same page as the address it’s so confusing.”

“Proper laughing out loud moment this…. thanks”, a man commented.

But, it seems that Rosa isn’t the only person to have made this mistake.

One woman on Twitter shared a picture of her daughters Apple Air Pod case, which read: “Leave in the shed if I’m not in.”